Lifestyle Guide: Luxury Properties

What does it really look like to live in a luxury property?
It may surprise you to realize that luxury properties come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, that depends on the area that you're in and the local market. In other cases, available luxury properties may simply depend on the buyer's needs. As a leader of luxury home marketing, Angela Rossi of Coldwell Banker Global Luxury is here to provide you with top-of-the-line service and expertise. 
When it comes to selling a luxury property, it takes an experienced professional to understand the value in the details and how to market to qualified luxury buyers. Angela Rossi delivers on both the buying and selling experience as you consider what you need from a luxury property or home sale.

The Most Exclusive Neighbourhoods in Toronto

The Toronto area is filled with exclusive, expensive neighbourhoods to explore. Check out these top neighbourhoods known for their stunning luxury properties. 

  1. Bridle Path-Sunnybrook-York Mills
  2. Forest Hill South
  3. Rosedale-Moore Park
  4. Casa Loma
  5. St. Andrew-Windfields
  6. Yonge-St. Clair
  7. Annex
  8. Lawrence Park South
  9. Bedford Park-Nortown
  10. Forest Hill North
  11. Kingsway South
  12. Leaside
  13. Willowdale East
  14. Banbury-Don Mills
  15. Yonge-Eglinton

Estate Neighbourhoods Outside the Greater Toronto Area

As you explore the greater Toronto area, you may notice several luxury neighbourhoods with a variety of fantastic properties for you to explore. 

  1. Rimwood Estate of Kleinburg
  2. Wycliffe Estates Hunters Glen in Aurora
  3. Adena Meadows Estate community in Aurora
  4. Kingscross Estates in King
  5. Fairfield Estates in King
  6. Cachet Estates, Markham
  7. South Richvale in Richmond Hill
  8. Kleinburg Crown Estates in Kleinburg
  9. Rimwood Estate of Kleinburg
  10. Kingsdale Estates in Newmarket
  11. Shire Estates in Bradford
  12. Golfview Estates in Bradford
  13. Pyne Hills Estate Community in Tottenham
  14. Piper Hill Estates in Loretto
  15. The Grange Equestrian neighbourhood in Caledon
  16. Stonehart Estate in Palgrave Caledon
  17. Pine Forest Estates in Caledon
  18. Hillview Estates in Palgrave Caledon

Finding the Luxury Property of Your Dreams: What You Need to Know

Are you looking for a luxury property to call home? There are several key factors that you may need to take into consideration as you begin your luxury property search to narrow it down to the perfect property for your needs.
1. Budget
Luxury properties may come in a variety of budgets. What does your budget look like? Make sure you know how much you can afford to spend on your new property before you start looking so that you can find the perfect one for your unique needs.  It’s also important to consider the cost of upkeep for a luxury property when determining your budget. Because luxury homes are more spacious and have additional amenities, they will require more effort and expenses to maintain in top condition. Many upscale properties feature expansive landscaping elements that require substantial upkeep, and they often have more interior square footage that needs to be cleaned regularly. Take this into account if you plan to hire groundskeepers or staff to keep your home and the grounds looking spotless. In addition, many luxury homes feature additional amenities, such as inground swimming pools and spas, home theaters, fitness areas, and more, which require extra maintenance expenses as well.
2. Location
When it comes to luxury, location matters. Take a look at the many luxury neighbourhoods in the Toronto area. Consider whether they are convenient to your workplace, the schools you want for your children, or the amenities you need most often as you choose your dream property.
3. Amenities
The sky is the limit when it comes to the amenities available in the Toronto area luxury real estate market. If you can dream it, you can find it in many of these stunning luxury homes. As you choose the property of your dreams, however, it's important to carefully consider which amenities are most important to you. From your own heated swimming pool and sports courts to personal movie theaters and more, ensure you know what the property you're considering can offer you.
4. Neighbourhood
Before you select a luxury property, make sure you take a look at the neighbourhood. What restrictions or requirements does the neighbourhood have? What amenities or services does it offer? Carefully look them over to ensure they fit your new home requirements.

As you choose the luxury property of your dreams, Angela Rossi can help guide you through the process and provide you with greater insight into how to choose the ideal property. Contact us today to put your luxury home on the market or to start your luxury property search.


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