Tips for Selling Your Home in a Rural Area

Tips for Selling Your Home in a Rural Area

If any lasting good came from our experience with Covid-19, certainly it was our awakening to a different way of living, of recognizing that “home” was much more than just a place to rest between the demands and stressors of everyday life. We learned that simple pursuits, such as gardening, working with our hands, and enjoying the therapeutic beauty of the natural world, helped us slow down, heal, and explore new possibilities for what life could be.

The city of Toronto experienced a mass exodus in 2020 and 2021, while at the same time, rural Ontario experienced significant population growth. Various factors contributed to this movement, from the pressure of rising housing costs to the newfound flexibility for many to work remotely. Some burned out as they tried to keep pace with the grueling demands of urban living, traffic, social obligations, and commutes, while others simply wanted the room to breathe. Many chose to continue working from home even as businesses reopened, as they found that the improved work-life balance was refreshing for their mental and emotional health and their family dynamics.

If you are the fortunate owner of rural property and you’re striving to list your home for sale in King, this is your time to capitalize on recent relocation trends. Toronto-area real estate expert Angela Rossi offers some pro tips to maximize your home’s selling potential. Read on.

Spruce up the landscaping

Owning one’s own land, a vast and private greenspace, is a glorious dream for many. While your property may have a forest, a pond, or other wild and natural features to its name, look for opportunities to bring definition and order to your property.

Keep the grass mowed, flower beds freshly mulched, and driveways and roads cleared of limbs and debris. Attend to the outdoor features of your property with care akin to what you’ve done to showcase the best of its interior. Cut back any overhanging limbs and landscaping that overshadows or leans upon the house, and remove dead or dying trees so they don’t detract from your curb appeal.

When it comes to expansive rural properties, the vastness can seem overwhelming. Consider creating focal points for outdoor relaxation and gathering, such as a firepit with an appealing seating area or a pergola with benches and colorful potted plants. Do you have an expansive old tree that just begs for a swing to hang from it? Go ahead and add one. These cozy areas highlight the potential for a relaxed evening with family and friends or a perfect place for looking up in wonder as the stars come out.

Create an atmosphere of hospitality

Buying a home has always been an emotional experience — not just because of its impact on the pocketbook! Home connotes memories, togetherness, sanctuary, celebration, and so much more, and the place families choose to build their lives will be the one that most feels like “home.” Your home can be made inviting with warm, simple touches that will separate your property from all the others and give you a real advantage in the King real estate market.

Hospitality is the name of the game here. Remember those classic chocolate chip cookies you make that no one can resist? Bake a batch and arrange them on a plate with an invitation to enjoy when the prospective buyers arrive.

Set up a pair of rocking chairs on the porch, situating the occupants to enjoy the best views your property has to offer. If you have a pond, flower garden, or another picturesque point of interest, set up a pair of Adirondack chairs and let them imagine how serene and enjoyable relaxing there at the end of the day would be.

Allay buyers’ fears about country living

Because you’ve already gotten your property showcase-worthy by the time of its listing, you’ve already taken a significant step toward providing peace of mind. However, city dwellers who are relocating to the country for the first time may also have concerns about feeling isolated, potentially long commutes to work, unreliable internet, lack of attractions and access to amenities, and boredom.

Consider preparing some information about the community, its resources, local events, and amenities to enjoy nearby. For instance, the nearby Goldie Feldman Nature Reserve is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. The Arts Society of King celebrates local artists and inspires creative minds — both young and old — to express themselves visually. Not only that, but King is replete with incredible dining destinations, from the classic Hogan’s Restaurant to the Paper Crane Sushi Bar & Bistro. In your online listing, draw attention to these desirable community amenities so your buyers feel a sense of belonging and interest.

In addition, including details about service providers, especially for the internet and cell service, as well as trusted property maintenance and repair crews, will help reassure your potential buyers that they can stay well-connected to the world and that any resources they need will be readily accessible.

A strong online marketing presence

You might know from experience that putting a simple “for sale” sign in your yard will not gain enough exposure to bring buyers to your front door. There simply is not enough automobile traffic. This is not a unique challenge to rural King homes for sale, either. In the digital age, most homebuyers will begin their search for a new home online. So, if it’s time to sell, it’s time to dress your property to impress on the digital stage.

If you want your property to attract buyers and sell more quickly, you’ll need the help of a tech-savvy agent who will utilize professional staging and photography tactics, a solid online presence, and fantastic networking skills to locate the perfect buyer for your home. Acclaimed Realtor® Angela Rossi is not only well-versed in real estate in the greater Toronto metro area, but she is also a certified luxury specialist and a certified stager. She has the contacts, connections, and competence to help you sell for the highest offers.

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